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Everything on this web site can be fact checked all the murders and names are real no one has been left out and those who have been left out justice is coming. If you wish to say I'm a liar or crazy that is your right to do so ,just as it is my right to tell my story even if it contradicts your version of events . I have all I need to prove my story right here at this site. I would welcome a day in court with my evidence. I'm not One of your future victims. As I have already been a victim. Every murder that does not have paper work on this site can be found in public records and the news paper archives in the city of their deaths.

My family was killed to cover the shuttle accident ,my father died while they were taking our freedom. These same groups were behind 911 and the Levee destruction during Katrina. My father sent his and his grandmothers wedding rings to space with Charlie Duke Apollo 11 commander and my dads friend at the Navy . The verification is below. God bless this great country and watch over us all.

Below is the news article that shows how my family was killed to obtain the 'Brady Bill' and

further hurt my family so we might not figure out what was happening to our country.

Below is the back of David G. Atwood's book "Into Hell I Rode" that you can find on Amazon for 21.99 ,I have bought many.Like David some of the same people that framed him were involved with the murders of my family and many others and the framing and shaming of many peoples families and friends. These are the molesters and those easily bought with money that have run our cities in to the ground and have preyed on our families and our youth and have a fire wall of protection that with out faith will never fall.We all are sinners in the eyes of God,let me be a man under his command that Not fall in with beast. I pray for the sinner in me and in you, I ask that you pray for the sinner David G. Atwood who revels the truth about the town behind so much drugs and murder that it has warped the mentality of the town and has them killing each other and those in their way. God bless you David ,you have set fire to stone.

My wife and her children were killed in 1993 and Bill Clinton enacted the Brady Bill in 1994

I have never been questioned about my wife's murder but I know in my heart Dewayne Parker didn't kill my wife or my children. The news article is Above and so are her drug addict occult friends who were my first introduction to a crisis actors or what the mob would call paid witness.

After the sheriff of Vicksburg sent his druggies to kill me with a hammer my dad wrote this letter to the District Attorney who refused to even hear or look at this letter.

Lana Snow-bail bond agent Vicksburg Mississippi,knew to much about the police and Sheriff Departments sex and drugs with the kids of the town. She and her car were blown up in front of Belks department store in Vicksburg.

Sheriff deputy Cole- shot because he knew to much about the crimes inside the Warren county jail ,run by the murdering Sheriff and his sick underlings. They tried to blame Lebo from the kings community with his death. I know Lebo as we were addicts together and he did some crazy stuff but I know in my heart he would never kill Mr. Cole even tough you could rap a lot of presents with his rap sheet.

Three boys all linked to the Sheriff protected drug dealer and child diddler "Mark Davidson" of Gowall rd. Vicksburg. One was said to have taken their own life .This one boy had told me of the drugs and the sex with children prior to his death.They two boys to follow him were overdosed and left to die ,of those to boys one was brought to his house and left to die. these same group is behind most of the deaths on this site. the boys names are.

Lambert Cullen,Bobby Hilburn whose daddy Tim loves him and want justice for his boy.

Drew K. whose sister wishes me to keep silent as she doesn't want people to know how her parents left this kid in the hands of killers ,so I'll call him Drew k.,I owe my daughter and the rest of Vicksburg and this country more than I owe you.

Wendy Sligh - overdosed by the same group that supplied the oxicotin that Mary beth Williamson overdosed her baby with and that her Doctor step daddy 's friend In Tallula ,Louisiana who ran the methadone clinic and was on the hook for two overdoses of his own, Dr. Newman . He help to get the little baby cremated as quickly as possible. This death along with my daughters murder got to Wendy and her husband parading around the drugged teens at the house naked didn't help.This is why they killed her and the murderer of my father Blake Pearson was the EMT on the scene to save Wendy who he hated as he said to me before he killed my dad and help set up his now totally confused and addicted wife my daughter for her death.

Doctor Sessums son was also killed by this group while at collage where this group sells oxicotin and other drugs to the collage kids.

Bethan Pearson - nothing like having a killer who wants to be a Freemason kill your dad and set up your child for Mark Davidson and his family and friend to kill and rape all while doing it with the towns law enforcement sanctioning these murders. My daughter was held down and morphine from Marks cousin at the Hospital was the source of the morphine was injected up my daughters rectum to overdose her fast ,they stole everything she had and the sick sheriff and his friend laughed at her death and didn't even try to hide the fact I could do little in the way of justice as they were helping finance drugs going every where and had killed many as they have expanded from collage to collage and town to town.

Joseph w, Smollen the III Nasa Scientist and former Vicksburg resident , this groups connection in New Orleans to their drug business Billy Sheffield and Mr. De roahe the Chalmette mafia who now lives in Vicksburg ,Mississippi and owns a Mc Donald'S there, Is also the man who trained the boys in New Orleans to kill George Flemming my sisters husband. They used Blake Pearson to kill my dad why now years after George's death ,did they kill my dad. This is why their so powerful and why some of the murders the drug cartel that supplies the mafia in New Orleans has and had been using the ship yard in Chalmette to bring in drugs by the ton . So when my dad ran NASA in New Orleans and the shuttle tanks were stored and being constructed their they paid Ricky Coronia four ounces of cocaine to sabotage the shuttle's o-rings as they were using the camps and the water ways behind NASA to poison every one with cocaine in crack form and with the Vicksburg coca cola connection Billy Sheffield and my uncles they infected the communities of the world.

This is why it is hard to jail the Clinton and her group as they are funded by these groups efforts to bring about this New World Order that has allowed them to pull 911 rape and sell drugs at the cost of our freedom and our health.

Lauren Peyroux- murdered by her wheel chair double glass eyed husband's live in friend. Lawler Peyroux was a brilliant computer programmer even though he was blind . Lawlers computer skills landed his method for computer to braille in the Smithsonian .Never the less he and his friend killed miss Lauren to get her money from the insurance and her home that they blew her up in. Miss .Lauren was three hundred plus pounds and had a club hand. According to the guy who killed her they used gas to get the adhesive of the concrete where wood tiles had been and the gas fumes built up igniting the gas can in Lauren's hand . AS the witness slash murder exited the house he was in the door when the fumes caught and was injured . Truth is he spread the gas around had her hold the can of gas and went to the front door threw a zippo lighter back into the house and killed her getting himself caught in the blast. Lawlers family were all luciferian's in the Freemasons and her worked at NASA for a short spell . This act covered by his brother mason's in the police in New Orleans east opened his daughter Terry up for the attack on me that lead to my divorce and the murder of my wife Anna Marrie Smollen and her kids which gave Hillary and Bill Clinton what he needed to push the 1994 Brady bill through. De roche's group had Ricky Coronia whose children are with Cheri Goodman De roche's cousin,they had this group beat up Terry to have her tell my wife crazy thing to break us up and get her off where they can kill her and the new boy friend whose arms they pushed her in to by meddling in my life. De roche used dirty New Orleans cops one from New Jersey Salvador De vincinti ,he killed George Flemming and was part of killing my wife and kids as well as Dewayne Parker the alleged killer and father of my wife two new children.I have never believed he killed my wife and her kids and then himself ,not once. Each death and attack gives them more power and money to keep attacking and covering up their massive crimes world wide.This group is behind drugs Duturte' is fighting . I would not wish our counties problems on my worst enemies but that is what Obama And wacks in this group are doing with all the money from our drug habits .They create the problem and take advantage of it.

These are my Dads business cards "thought they might be interesting".

"Disciples of political correctness,however,hold that there is no

such thing as truth,that truth,like correctness,is a political matter,

to be arrived at politically,arbitrarily."

I went to this web site to read about the Donald and found this chat below about my

daughters death and the very thing that got my family killed and me beaten,but god

made me like a time x.

The City of New Orleans and Mississippi were pivotal in the attacks on our twin towers and now they are erasing history and christian's from the earth calling morality of faith hate so they can further depower your child and you.To put your child in their hands ,see how well it's going so far . Just wait it will get worse as everyday more of our citizens die and are replaced by foreign people whose drugs are killing us and our health and our wealth and stability of our homes and diminishes the social value of our children to the point of stress and emotional overload. Our leaders have betrayed us and caused the deaths of not only us but that of people of every social spectrum . And run around laughing at how we are now powerless at the thought of their intrusion , their need to murder and silence,and their need to lie and cover for each other no matter the cost to the people of the world cause we are stupid and expendable since 911.

Another way I can connect my family to 911 is through the husband and brother of my cousin who married Rett Johnson ,he and his brother Marine Shane Johnson were working at the airport where the high jackers trained or so it has been said, he told me he wanted to fly cocaine into the country like his brother does. Instead he cleans the planes and boats of the people we think are clean folks. His family a have my cousins kids into all that weird dance routine crap where they dress up the kids like adults ,you all know what I mean. Sickos living through the exploitation of their own children's sexuality as if they were at market selling a slave. I'm one hundred on them and the drugs and for being part of the 911 attack.

To the left is a old damaged picture of the last real FBI agent Joe Sylvester of the New Orleans branch with my dad at a Mardi Gras ball. He never would poison us or hurt his own men for some money or drugs or power, he was a real American law man who loved his country, just like me and Snowden who like Assange expose government criminal activity, and the abuse of power by sociopaths meant to do our country and its people harm from the inside of our own government.

Before then election I hoped for justice for the victims of Hillary and the Obama New World order murders drugs and treason and hoped Trump would deliver ,but like the snake cool and frozen i see him now close to the fire ,as he is their to protect his actor friends that have high jacked government along with the other sell outs already in place . No justice for the victims of rape, as always the rich blame everyone else for their crimes and put your fear on an enemy i could defeat in a day so my fellow country men would suffer no longer or fear this rich mans army made to kill the poor sons ,fathers and friends I hold dear, Not this time. Don't be fooled we need the actors and billion dollar club out of our offices and we need to get the greedy drug lord politics and the corrupt military and police who have for years under the influence of the ideology of power over the people they helped to create and then failed on a scale that would constitute the genocide of reason as a poisoned society plays in to the well crafted hands of security who point out how faulty and how much you deserve to suffer for being poor human on drugs scared or trying to feed when nothing will help feed you is criminal and for trying to be like the worthless million dollar entertainer who sings about shit they have never done or thing to influence your child in to thinking the glorification of drug dealing and sex crimes is the only way, only leads us further down and under foot.

I remember when I was young men would catch their wife's having sex with a black man and they would jail or kill the man for rape and beat their wife half to death. As not but to save their pride for failing to satisfy their wife. The same can be said about the Heroin killing our children most comes for the middle east and our corrupt army ,just like Viet-Nam when our government used the coffins of dead boys to bring heroin back to the states. Same with 9/11 blame the Muslims and rob the middle east and this will finance the New World Orders Dream. tragedy leads to control and fear is what we feel at the hands of the invasion that has been taking us for a ride for the past hundred years. 

This web site is about what has been done to me as a child by my family and their connection to the people who sabotaged the shuttle Challengers fuel tanks in New Orleans .

Terror attacks their attackers as every true intelligence officer knows to keep as many of them alive for interrogation ,Stranger yet is how fast they know who did it and even stranger is that they always wind up dead or vanish to a controlled setting like a black room or Gitmo. This is how we can see that our intelligence we are getting is false and on purpose. Drugs are behind Viet Nam ,while our good children died ,so corrupt military used our children's coffins to bring drugs into our country where their friends and families helped distribute the poison further causing death abroad to bring death home to us, and for thirty years we have been in a deceptive military acquisition of world power under false intelligence and staged events. We must not waste time avoiding this fact but need to address it head on as our very freedoms hinge on trickery and greed. The freaks that have been created from abuse need their pills and drugs or what ever keeps them from being free as they are in comfort to be out of control and living risky and in their delusion they can never see the damage to themselves or those they interact with.

I want justice for the innocent dead, that Hillary and her rouge agents killed. I want her and friends for killing my wife and children to get the first assault gun ban, I want her group for creating mental illness and crime by profiting on insanity they created with the addicts they have created and warped in to their ideology of weakness and surrender. we are and our children are the real threat to them and that's why they kill. and that's why I am mad with Trump he knows what I know and still does nothing to Give the rape and murder victims of the past administration even a look. He used Bill Clinton's rape victims and has brought them know justice. Trey Gowdy had a session about the DEA having sex with underage girls ,'I call underage girls ,"children". How the cartel provided these girls to them and how every ones hands are tied to do anything to these sick infected agents and to bring justice for these acts, DEA gate really? Stop wasting tax payers dollars committing crimes by not stopping criminal acts by law enforcement under cartel control and are Hillary's clicks most dangerous killers. Many ,well not to many , good cops that are left have come to me. to see if I'm ok ,and to say that I'm on the right track. Imagine knowing your own have betrayed you and the country. It has effected all our lives globally and locally. It has effected every little aspect of our lives influencing media and movies and the course we were on altered by one event after another .

My father knew and helped get elected many of our congressmen who now act like he did not exist ,Trent Lott, John Brough, John Mc Cain.; He was also friends with John Glenn, Neil Armstrong ,Charlie Duke ect. and was head of Nasa in the 1980's when he was betrayed. My dad knew the shuttle was tampered with and had no idea it was his own family that was involved with it's take down or why. Even my dads boss George Mc Donough was told to drop the investigation. This is why George Fleming was killed and my sister jailed ,to get my dad off of the o-ring investigation. Later my uncle that my dad got a job at Nasa would try to kill him in Houston and cause the death of another man.

My moms family is waiting on my mothers death then they will try to silence me or have me jailed for some thing i know nothing about .They have F.B.I. friends they use to protect their drug business and child raping ,the thermite used in 9/11 may have come from many welding shops owned by my family , mafia and cartel . Their is one in Vicksburg Mississippi and one in Winnona Mississippi owned and run by the cartel and dirty cops, there is one in La Hatte La. run by the Chalmette mafia ,at each of these welding shops is a person related to the witnesses to the murders of George Flemming and Anna Readding (a.k.a) Anna Smollen and her children. 

My family is ruthless and so are their friends and criminal partners in our government . They have taken away so much from those they have drugged raped and have had killed. Thank god we tapped all the phones we could or I wouldn't know just how dangerous they really are . I know they high jacked the idea of a New World Order and have had many killed across this country and in every country. They created a president, a creation they can control 'Obama' and 9/11 gave them the arsenal to attack the rest of Americas families with the IRS and Bank America and the now infamous patriot act which they them selves created from the inside attack on this country .as soon if we all are not on the brown drugs heroin and cocaine run by the minorities that now control our security forces and or corrupt officials and have used our military and this deception to further addict my army, my cops, and my people to the heroin being brought in by our military and redistributed to our children and adults some causing over doses and death others creating a sub human population of addicts that can be controlled by cutting them from their drugs that we good people are dying to get for bad people to use and further the hand off of their lives to the invasion of rapist and killers who will join the ones in our government to subdue us all the way ,while they continue to rape and murder our constitution . They want your guns before you can stop them,and they will do any thing to scare you out of them. I have sent my new girl and child out of their reach and am severing ties with them . The last thing my aunt asked my mom for is a death certificate if she dies. So that would signal them to try and take me,but i now have many behind me both professionals and regular people. Be prepared for more murders and terror attacks and these are the people that help organize the fall of our freedom and for all they have gotten from these crimes it will be taken from them and all of us by the illegal criminal Mexicans and Muslim degenerates who like my uncles and their friends like raping kids and woman, this country is being invaded and Their are people getting paid to let it happen. In the end we will be surrounded by Islamic thugs and a dirty government controlled by them and folks like them . 

The above picture is of J. Bennet Johnson talked about in the Cathy O'brien tapes and video's, I remember the names of all those who were involved with the child sex ring in New Orleans that had touched me and others, I remember the two CIA agents were the Leras they had adopted a son .The lutheran home was running a child sex business from their foster care center .It was busted in 1972 only five went to jail bet they got off do to Harry Connick sr. and his position of power as the district attorney and a known pedophile and was involved in the black robe scandal and has been know for letting off pedophiles like the Boy scout leader from New Orleans east who was busted for sexual conduct with young boys. As well as the 7th district police whose captain Thomas was busted for child sexual conduct when interviewing candidates for the N.O.P.D. explorer scouts and with some of the explorer scouts that were already a member . I applied to the explorer scout after my friend told me about all the cocaine and stuff they let them do. when I tried to apply a Captain Thomas tried to gay on me and he was later arrested but not from my compliant. The 7th district has produced cops that kill cops ,drug cops, and child raping cops . This is even on the 7th district web site stories of child raping cops in the comment section . This has been going on for as long as I can remember . They even ran underage clubs and sex clubs like the Taboo club on chef menture high way New Orleans east, this is where they dirty cops found they 15 year old who helped set up my sister for the murder of her husband George Flemming so my dad would stop looking in to the damaged shuttle accident that allowed the influx of cocaine and other drugs to be in constant motion as were the crimes and mental illnesses it created to feed the very people controlling the justice and health systems what they needed to finance the New world Order a world of drugs , rape and murder whose stories don't add up to and educated person and are covered up and the evidence totally ignored and like me they try killing me and jailing me and drugging me and locking me up after they kill some one, usually some one close to me. I still can't believe we have become so powerless and now suffer at the hands of drug addict killers and rapist that the victims have know chance of jailing with out help, that doesn't exist. Trump used the Clinton's rape victims to get elected and now has for gotten them as he is only protecting the crimes and future crimes committed by his friends in power and government. I personally would have anyone involved with this activity put down as they can't be helped and are a danger to the rest of us. I wouldn't spend tax dollars to feed them as they are unworthy of life.

Anything on this web site can be easily investigated if you like witch craft and child molesters that run the law and cocaine than Vicksburg Mississippi is your town, now run by chicken Mc nugget Italian and a cartel Mexican hat dancer , combined with the ignorance of the white hate for blacks and the need of the ignorant to dominate all they feel are below them is easy to see in the highly dangerous town run by pedophiles and protected by the locals involved in mason shit the devil wouldn't even think of doing ,drugs and murder . today the are stealing my house and auctioning it off after lying to us about liens on our home ,All this done by those i have listed below and more. these are the masons who with New Orleans now under their total control and their pet negro's in the police and white house and justice department are hiding and deceiving the public of their murder and criminal activities which involve your children many in Vicksburg have been overdosed to keep them silent and their connection to 9/11 and the space shuttle and the levees in New Orleans were all done by these two groups of mason's one set from St.Bernard parish and the other from Vicksburg Mississippi. They have been killing and jailing the innocent for years as they prey on good people ,drug addicts and children. I have people that monitor all their actions and know soon that we will defeat this element as many off the people i have contacted now know what i and my family have gone through at the hand of my traitor's in my family that sold and molested me as a child from Billy Sheffield's friends under my uncle Buddy Newman's Directions to kill and set up his own family members that could possibly stop them before the get what the cartel has promised them a New World Order totally backed by cocaine and its promoters and users ,that's who is behind Hillary Clinton and the reason we will have to fight to get this country back as the attorney generals and the CIA and FBI are all placements from the abusers of our government and their illegal attempt to take the globe and its world population down with one bullshit event after another. the only thing the NSA does is let the higher ups know when or addicts run out of drugs so they can steal more from the middle east to enslave or people and children of our country. They already killed my little girl and laughed in my face .

Halley Barbour "s secretary(she was in an auto accident which eventually lead to her death),worked for my dad and before they killed my father and daughter Halley invited them to his Inaugural ball where my daughter had fun eating fried chicken and meeting Brad Paisley and his agent what fun they would have that night I wish I had gone with them. After they killed my loved ones my mother went to Halley for help . Halley's investigators told my mom they knew we were telling the truth about the murder of our loved ones yet they could not help us. They would not help us because they and friends were involved in many deaths and drugs .This is why they would not help.

I was already up on things at the age of one,behind me is the family traitor a lowly creature who curses god for giving him polio ,sold out his family to the mob and cartel for drugs a whole lot of cocaine,had his niece and nephew that's me molested ,beaten, drugged ,jailed and is party to many of the terrorist acts that are being staged by people just like him sitting behind me mad because his sisters children were smart and healthy and he was and is still deficient and so are his offspring. Recently he and his fellow criminals cost my mom the sale of her house by 

running off people and using the corrupt court run by ignorant white trash high on murder and drugs lied to my tax people, lied to my realtor.lied to my mom, refused to accept letters that would release their fake lien on my mom's house,lawyer who was to handle sale gave it to a girl who is best friends with my uncle Jimmy's not so bright daughter,that God she can't breed.

Imagine America not on narcotics what we all could have had ,not this .

This is what Vicksburg's sheriff does with his drug dealers that work for him do to your children.

The sheriff of warren county Mississippi is a drug dealer a pedophile and a serial killer sociopath he and his friends have turned the lives of so many upside down to fill their own pockets with the health and blood of its own citizens and their children by committing murder hidden as suicide or an overdose or worse a missing person like Mrs Levitzs the furniture Queen turned madam that Paul Barret and Martin Pace had killed using their druggies like they have so many times, with Mark Davidson and crew at the helm protected by Judges who sleep with Marks wife and many of Vicksburg's children who the straight out warp in to drug dealers, sex slaves and killers of any who foul them or rub them wrong and to know now that my own uncles Frank Newman and Jimmy Newman with instruction from Buddy Newman my uncle and speaker of the House of the state of Mississippi were involved with the murder of my brother in law George Flemming and that of my wife and children and the attempted murder of my father in Houston and the the murder of my father at the Baptist hospital Jackson Mississippi by their hired killer Blake Pearson who also helped set my daughter up for her murder as i was on to them and noticing their connections from New Orleans East and their connection to the court system through my Aunt Kay Levecia who I know know help with the set up of my sister with my uncles to kill George Flemming and her and their connection to the Chalmette Mafia in St.Bernard parish La. and that connection to the witnesses in the murder of my wife and children as well as George Flemming all had ties to ST. Bernard parish and Dewayne De Roche now living in Vicksburg Ms. This group has pulled more terrorist attacks than anyone all for cocaine and the power to keep getting away with abusing their badge and position for power over everyone these are the wacko's behind the New World Order a Mexican drug dealers dream of stealing America by creating traitors he can control with drugs and money, but in the end he will rule and those that had power like Buddy Newman will be devoured by this and will cause their own failure dragging what's left of us with them in to their dark world .This is the forces that power the Clinton's and threatens your life and makes people sick from drugs falling in to the beast world created by their greed. Soon you will beg for mercy like a drink of water on a sweltering day ,your thirst for power is all you will have and the dirt will be mercy enough for animals like you. you are all dogs under my foot. And I will have my justice for all of those you have killed and have been killing since you killed my loved ones. God has always had a place for me and now he is making a place for you ,a very dark cold place.

My daughter was smart like her Grand pa and her mother that was killed by the

New world order politicians who sling drugs and murder and empower the sick.

My daughter was also politically motivated and loved by all she came in contact with

black or white she was color blind as to who she valued ,this is why they kill children like mine and yours. Our children are being killed and replaced by satanic and dark people. we are being left with no heirs so that the invading government under foreign control and internal corruption from drug abuse and worse has lead our forces against us the people.

I get this in the mail every year from parents of Murdered children.

My daughter in New York where she got to sing at Carnegie hall with her school.

I swear that what I say here is the truth ,it is easily looked in to as many allegations have a news paper clippings you can bing search on face book the people involved, helped as well as the white pages which gives prior addresses which helped with geo location and friends and associations of witnesses and all involved . Below are pictures child hood to adulthood and family videos.

The day i was born 1966 i knew who i was and what i was here to do.STOP THEM.

I was born in 1966 at Ochner hospital in Metarie , louisianna at four A.M. in the morning . To one of the most powerful families in Mississippi and son to one of our country 's top NASA scientist. This is a story of abuse of power drugs and all that go with it , from the lowest asshole to the top beast running things and just how I got to where i am and how that affected where you are today in life and the names of those keeping you from your goals as well as the goals I have also been denied.

My whole life has been torture by the hands of my family,and to know they are behind so much hate,murder,and power that has warped the very fabric of social morals to place our lives and freedom on a chopping block in order to fill their pockets with your life and your child's lives as they dismember your values with fear and horrors they project to control the real sick reasons behind their treason and lies.

This is the man who tried to molest me at the Grid Iron show for the "" Earl k. Long", he followed me into the restroom put his hand on my shoulder and pulled his small dick out with his gray hairy balls and asked if i liked what i saw. i know now he was part of the group that was doing all these bad things to me and others . he later was involved in the black robe scandal and was the D.A. that sentenced my sister to life in prison for a murder done by his friends and my family.

This is the program guide for the day i was molested by Harry Connick Sr. in the bath room , he followed me in and exposed his self and said do i like his dick and do i want to touch it. Later he would sell out to the cartel and mafia and open the town up to a heavy bunch of Holly Wood child molesters who now with their New world Order get away with murder ,treason and theft under an ideology that has tainted every religion and our leaders at the highest of levels. More of the program guide below . I used associational evidence and geo- location information to expose their crimes.

I told my dad about the molestation and my dad says that's the District Attorney if he didn't hurt you best let it go. Later he would molest many more and get involved with the black robe scandal, which they used their mafia to help cover and pay off the victims. That day my dad pointed out the "king Fish" to me Earl Long later that year I would go flying with Earl long in his air plane, it was a great experience I had many along with the systematic abuse of in laws and others in or wanting power. 

Notice that at the gold table is Canizaro Sr. who's mafia run justice system has fed on whites and black families that did not fit in to their New world Order plans his son is now in control of the District attorney's office and helps to cover the many murders and crimes and attacks on the city and Government properties that helped them to obtain control of the city of New Orleans and to market narcotics world wide under the guise of government and security.

Mom and dad out "Mardi Gras Ballin".

This is the first person to molest me,my own cousin Frank Newman Jr.. I was just a toddler of seven. He hasn't had a normal relationship since. My uncles who hated my father Frank B.Newman and Buddy C Newman had this done to me and my sister, using frank and his gay son Gary "who later died of aids complications and hep-c", to take out their hatred for my father on his children.

This is what i was wearing when my uncles had my cousin Frank Newman Jr. molest me.then they had people do the same to me in New Orleans east all connected to the New World Order and my uncles and family that wanted their in laws out the way so they could poison every ones children with drugs and then molest them.

This is cousin Bobby De laughter who put Beckwith a freemason in jail for killing Medger Evers. He was also involved in much more and was reaching for power. They punished him by setting him up and torturing him by taking away his power, his son and friends worked the air traffic towers the day of 9/11.

Beckwith the masonic killer and his victim Medger Evers. God Bless you Mrs. Evers

Above is Robertoe Alvarado whose daddy's cartel powered the Clinton"s cocaine and the rise of The New World Order .He worked at the welding shop in Winnona Mississippi that was one of the sources of the thermite that brought down the Twin towers on 911.His brother was always sick and into children ,when we were 19 he was molesting a young girl near his house, No one said a thing because of the cocaine and the satanic forces that his father had no one would stand up to them. They destroyed the city of New Orleans and now are going for everything. The queen of the cartel told me that she was going to have a New World Order I thought she was crazy and I was to young and on drugs to know just how dangerous she and her people would become to the free world. She told the whites the would have their Albert Pike Utopia. She told the blacks they would have power over whites, she told the Jews she would help them get back to Zion, she told the queen of England she would have power over the unruly that she rules over ,and Germany is a wreak who knows what made them crazy enough to destroy their own country ,oh yea a false promise of power backed in cocaine always sounds great till you realize you have give away your will to insane murdering drug addicts whose later plan is to kill all homosexuals ,addicts and blacks ,whites ,Christian's ,and anyone they can't threaten ,fool, control ,or kill with ease . The New World Order is a cocaine backed lie told to make you controllable before they totally take it all from you and me. It is easier to take a country of addicts and homosexuals than it is to take a country of God Fearing men ,who fight their own demons and now must heed the call before the whole of the starving world comes here to live. what is more war like as your children die from their drugs and they take your jobs. You suffer the legal and health ramifications while they buy up America and our politicians ,security and health fade. Our own family members turn on us to support this take over of freedom and the giving up of ones will to an ancient evil with New World ideas of enslaving and controlling your very life and that of your children. Robertoe IN the Photo above lost four fingers in a press

one for each of my children and wife ,he has six more he eats and wipes his ass with. He worked at one of the welding shops that supplied the thermite for the 911 attack.

The above divorce paper's are from the woman if you want to call her that ,this person I married for three days and slept with for two months mother was named Satania and this person I married knew 9/11 was going to take place and even woke me up turned on the T.V. and started having sex with me as the towers were brought down ,I said independence day was on them I realized we were under attack, that's when she said no it's our power.

IT was 1972 when i first learned that I was going to have problems very bad problems in life. It was November and back in 1972 it was cold snowy just like the weather is supposed to be. I was just going to be seven, I was at grand ma's for thanksgiving when my mom told me my four year old friend was dead. His name was Mathew Echete' he was four ,I also didn't tell my mom that he and i were being abused sexually and that i had been threatened with the same kind of death that Mathew wound up with. He drowned in the canal at the end of the street he lived on back in New Orleans East. I knew his brother Peter had killed him as he was our abuser and had threatened me with drowning prior to my leaving for MY grandma's. in Mississippi. I would learn later that peter was sent to molest me and he was not the only one who had molested me as a toddler. I was molested by my cousins Frank Newman Jr. and Gary Newman at the order of my uncles Buddy C. Newman and Frank B. Newman as Buddy hated my father and his children. Buddy hated God for taking little buddy away from him with cancer. Buddy would work behind a desk in the army in world war two , later he would use these connection to help move drugs and contraband world wide. After the call about Mathew's death my uncle Jimmy C. Newman leaned down and said that if I said what they did to me to any one that I was next. To keep me quiet about the abuse in New Orleans east peter burned me with hot water over my arm, I had to go to the hospital. When I confronted him about Mathew's death he tried to kill me by choking me I got away and ran .He chased me and he grabbed a piece of slate out of a ladies garden and threw it at me ,it stuck in my leg like a throwing star/ I made it home any way and had my mom take me to get sown up. It was at this time in 1972 the same week that peter touched me that my cousin Frank Newman Jr. held me down and put his penis between my legs and asked me to hold them together as I was to little to penetrate with out someone noticing. So he made me hold my legs together till he ejaculated on my little blue pants. he only tried this about four more time then his brother Gary took over every thanksgiving or Christmas. For many years till I resisted as i was still being abused back in New Orleans by Peter who later became a chef at Disney World .During this period in 1972 the local church foster care and adoption agency the Lutheran home was busted for child molestation this is where peter learned it from as he and his family went to this church. When the church was busted five went to jail, but the whole church body was in to child molestation so the others got away. Some were cops teachers lawyers and other respected people . One who tried to get me in a bathroom when I was at what they call the Grid Iron show where they roast people like this one was for earl k. long "the kingfish" I had rode with my dad to the event so he could drop off some graphics he had done for the event .I told dad I needed to go to the rest room and i went on my own i was about about twelve years old when a gray haired man followed me in to the restroom . He put his hand on my shoulder and pulled his penis out with gray balls and all , and asked me if I liked what I saw. I went and told my dad and he told me not to say nothing cause that was Harry Connick the district attorney. Later Harry would be caught in the Black robe scandal involving young boys that would be paid off for their silence. It was at this time I remember my uncle Jimmy C. Newman leaving me at the Sanderson house on highway sixty one going toward valley park. He left me there to be molested and when he came back to get me asked me how I liked it. So now I'm being abused at home and at grandma's. Later these people would do much worse to me and others.

MY uncle who my dad got a job for at N.A.S.A. the very one who had his boys rape me .also tried to kill my dad in Houston , later i would find out how he was involved with cocaine and the shuttle accident and that my dad had thought he might be the one who sabotaged the Apollo 1 oxygen lines and frayed the wires next to the line causing the fire that killed our astronauts .Later i would learn that he and his brother had my brother in law killed to get my dad off the shuttle accident investigation he was trying to get on ,by applying for deputy administrator of N.A.S.A job. But at the time he nor i thought the family capable of treason, then he didn't know about the molestation going on because of the real threat of death,like Matthew Echete' and others. All Big Frank Brought to N.A.S.A was drugs and death to people he worked with and his family and friends misery to millions of people.

You can go on Bing and search for Joseph Smollen iii vs The United States to see how Frank dumped on the man that got him his job,he gave dad a micky that cost a man his life. this was to get rid of dad before we figured out that Buddy Newman had set us up in New Orleans and had George Fleming killed to cover up the drug dealing by his friends and family to blacks and kids and people of all color. These are the thirteen pages of Frank not helping my dad. If my dad found out about Frank having me and my sister raped the shuttle would have made it and the crew would be alive. This is Frank Newmans Way of covering for that drug deal that destroyed the shuttle.

This is Jimmy he is the one who left me to get molested at the Sanderson house on high way sixty one with a man named HP who had only one finger on his hand and a girl hag burned up chest where her boobs would be some day ,i would learn of many people that were abused at this house and would get drugs from these people.

This is my family in Ireland where they own a nice pub i plan to drown myself in one day after dancing an irish jig.

The picture to the left is my uncle Gasper Schiro he was register of conveyance for the city of New Orleans and his uncle was Vic Schiro Mayor of New Orleans. My aunt and uncle have been made sick and have been under threat by the cities corrupt police for years,because of the good nature of their service to the city and the many things they have done to protect the welfare of it's citizens.

My aunt and uncle use to go to parties with the Bush family ,who knew my dad was to smart for them to fool. Here is the front and back of a post card they sent my dad and mom after one of the bush parties.

The reason the shuttle was tampered with was so the the people who bring drugs into our country and into the city of New Orleans needed to use the canals behind Michoud facility to bring large amounts of drugs from the St.Bernard ship yard into Eden Ilse's camps and the businesses along chef menture high way masked the distribution to the city and the gulf coast. With the help of the out of control police department it was easy to pull off what ever was needed to cover up and silence and destroy any who would question the events they all were a part of from the drugs and murder in New Orleans east to under age clubs and an under age strip club run and protected by police called the taboo club also on chef menture high way. this is where Salvador under orders retained one of the witnesses Trica Gore whose real age and occupation i would learn after George's murder and also her connection to Salvador whom she called uncle,and it was her friends from St.Bernard who were involved in the murder set up ,Salvador De Vincinti's brother worked and still works at the ship yard.they were hired by my uncles and their drug Business partners . It was also a way of getting rid of the threat to my greedy uncles children's inheritance from the powerful Buddy Newman speaker of the house, global pedophile and drug dealer to the world.

Salvador De Vincinti is connected to D.A. Izzilino and both are from New Jersey and are connected also to the St. Bernard chapter of the New Orleans Mafia.

And both were moved to New Orleans Salvador to run Narcotic , and Izzilino to make

sure Carlene Fleming Got Prosecuted for De Vincinti's murder of George Fleming for

De wayne De Roach and my family that knew my dad was in the way as drugs were being ferried into America under NASA'S watch. Later Georges brother Bill Fleming would be found

dead form a heroin over dose in a New Jersey bathroom ,sound like other deaths we all know

are happening across America .This is the Hole in our security and the people that keep us under foot so we look like fools trying to save our children and ourselves.

This is my sister at her wedding,unknown to her the very people that have caused her so much trouble in her life and are about to set her up for murder are her own uncles working with the mob and cartel in New Orleans to take down N.A.S.A's best man for drugs and power.. All of the witnesses against Carlene Fleming and the witnesses to my wife's murder of her and her children were hired and all have connections to St,Bernard parish and New Orleans East and Mississippi's gulf coast and the heart of the problem Vicksburg Mississippi where over 35 children that didn't fit in with the sex and drug plans of the local drug induced justice system now totally powered by the coca spell that has driven them to kill. I was brought to the head of the cartel before the shuttle went down she said i would sweat my whole life but fat fuck Miquell alvarado jr. who has shown me pictures of peoples children playing on play ground and some dead baby bones in a warehouse on Dryades st. , i though it was a joke, now i know it's real. Miquell alvarado sr. was a hat dancer on the old Bob Hope show and his wife a dancer,He talked of fallen angles and the day that would come when mexico would own America. With the coca he poisoned everyone turning people into criminals, liars ,and killers right before my eyes.After stealing my power he turned all the the people i liked against me and my dad and the embers of my family,powerful and ignorant could not resist the chance to hurt blacks and control people while making money off the chart, falling ever further in to this dark power that has left people in fear. After the New World Order every south American will come across that border to join their forces that already are here. And all of you that have all that money and power will fail and all the crazy shit you have become won't save you . even though you have betrayed me i still love you ,you are sick with a great poison and you are moving in the same direction as the people and families you have destroyed. This is the plan beyond your ego . What would they need with a bunch of crazies that have killed the only people that could save us for a bag of dope.

This is my aunt Louise with my grand ma Louise. In the back ground is my uncle who had My uncle get his boys to molest me,as my uncle Jimmy had not yet had children he could have had hurt me with. later he would use others at the direction of Buddy , then after Buddy's death would go all out to killed us or have us jailed so we would not figure out what they had done to their own in law and this country.

My grandpa and governor Finch

This is my aunt Kay GEX she has always hated my family. she used to be Kay Lavecchia . she is the mob in my family and is connected to my sisters lawyer Reiligh Olmyer through the mafia run court system in New Orleans through Charlie Borello's family and the fact her husband was a federal judge didn't hurt her drug dealing or connection to my sisters fate along with the rest of the traitor's that followed my uncle Buddy in to the Global drug business and murder of ones in laws. My Dad had dinner at his lawyers house and judge Pascal Marullo and Charlie Borello would attend this meal. later the Borellos would show up in Vicksburg Mississippi and opened up a business that went Belly up with the increase of their cocaine use. It was during this time Charlie Jr's brother ran his mouth just out of ear shot about my family enough i knew my aunt kay was part of what my uncles and their friends were doing to me and my dad and those canals behind N.A.S.A gave them the power to destroy many lives not just my dad.

The people that killed my wife and have attacked me ,raped me,killed my father ,my wife and children were my own family on my mothers side of the family,Jimmy Newman of Mississippi,and Frank b.Newman of Texas,all under the orders of Buddy c.Newman speaker of the house for Mississippi and clans men ,global child rapist and drug dealer to his own community and the poisoning of the blacks on a scale never before done to anyone race of people,with the help from my aunt Kay Gex the queen of the la costra mostra and married to a federal judge at one time was also connected to the murder of my brother in law and my wife and children ,with her connection to the mafia in New Orleans she and my uncle employed Mc Donalds owner De Wayne D Roche who also is a mafia drug dealer ,this is your Mc donald's satanic connection , my uncles the zionist who sells drugs yet claims to be the christian who is un stained by sin,yet he helped murder his own family for drugs from the cartel Mr.Miquell Alvarado whose cartel queen pin in new Orleans with my family blew up the space shuttle and covered it up as the drugs for them were brought in to New Orleans behind the NASA facility from the saint Bernard ship yard to the camps behind Chef Hwy then to the many mob owned businesses along chef hwy. Mr.miquell alvarado sr. dope dealer to the rich and sick is in New Orleans,la. beware his group molest and kills babies and these are also the force behind the satanic child molestation's and murder ,these people are in with the Clinton's as they are what powered the Clinton's rise to power and the idea of a New World order which is death to anyone normal and resistant to their wishes.They pulled 9/11 to get over the drug trade and control out going and incoming traffic as they control the ports and have TSA screening people to keep the drug profits flowing to their pockets . They blew up the levees in new Orleans to displace the blacks and move in the mexicans as part of the New world Orders plans unknown to my uncles ,but known to the cartel ,give them power so much the they kill their own for power till they out number those they have empowered as well as those that have dispersed the poison to the population and children of the world .These people are an insurance agents nightmare as they use every thing to make money for their groups as they keep all of us poor ,broke ,in jail or a nut house to keep their agenda on track They are behind the terror attacks ,ISIS and everything that keeps you up at night.......and now pizza gate. we must get rid of these people before they kill any more of us. kay Gex was connected to the courts through her husband and the mafia ,she was friends with Charlie Borrello who worked for ,judge Marrullo the mafia drug judge and best friends to the lawyer Reillgh Olmyer who defended my sister who is now in jail and has been their for 30 years for the murder pulled by her in laws to get drugs for the New World Order.They may have killed my sisters lawyer ,as many have fallen under strange circumstances , his female D.A. friend with a cocaine problem who now works at the port of New Orleans,who helped me win custody of my daughter,was having sex and gave a job to one of the people's wives while she did cocaine and had sex with her husband both from Chalmette just like all the other witnesses in the murders of my family both in New Orleans and Mississippi. A lot of good people have lost their lives ,many relationships ruined,and destinies altered . i understand what it is to want to save the future, but first we must dig up the past, to understand the now.

Here below are the pages that connect the De roaches to the murder of George Flemming , they would later be behind the killing of my wife and children and many of the people around them.

This is the man who had his own family's in-laws killed. Organized global drug dealing for the mafia and cartel using his connection's helped to take down the space shuttle for a show of loyalty to the drug lord and a large quantity of cocaine for Vicksburg and his friends in New Orleans east to cause havoc that would later feed the justice system a healthy amount of victims.while keeping he and the elite ignorant friends of his in money and power. He saw my dad as a threat to my family's darkside, and me as a threat if i told my father the things that they were doing to children,me for one.

Before Carlene's husbands death she had me bring her to meet a psychiatrist named Philliop Scurria, my sister would meet with Phillip three times that i know of . Every time she came out of Scrria's she was talking off the wall about her husband and how she was going to marry Scurria . Later i would learn he had worked in the same office as my cousin Penny Drraulley, psychiatrist to the New Orleans Police Department. The day after My sisters arrested the new paper reports that she just graduated from hypnotherapy school ,the school was in St.Bernard parish,where all her witnesses and the witnesses to George's murder and my wife's witnesses all from St.Bernad parish.Phillip would also show up at the very jail my sisters put in OPP ,this was to keep an eye on her to make sure what he and his friends did would stick. later i let Scurria know that i knew what he did , it wasn't long before he had gotten control over my doctors that i was seeing soon the doctors that were going to let me go disappeared and i was accosted by a new doctor who said if i quit the medication i would die. I knew that was a lie and the next crazy shit out of her mouth i got up out of there. I had been warned that they were not reporting my blood work and that's why i was in the emergency room every week with kidney pains sores under my arms.The doctor asked me why they want you dead cause they are trying to kill you. No shit i said. Now i am better thanks to a good doctor and the fact that my sisters dead lawyers wife Alica Olmyer told us everything about how her husband had my father lock me up and how his friend Dr.Thomas was paid to diagnose me as a crazy so i could not testify or ever be able to have a voice to fight this attack on my father and family and this country. now i move better think better and have many professionals behind me and friends world wide.Other witnesses are Terry Peyroux and Ricky Coronia the person hired by mafia and MC Donald s owner from St.Bernard parish and like Scrurria now live in Vicksburg Dewayne De roach, who under the direction of Billy Sheffield And Buddy Newman helped kill my family and help with the take downing of the shuttle. Ricky lived in Eden iles whose canals conect to the canals behind MIchoud facillity. These canals were used to move drugs in to the city from the ST.Bernard Boat yard where Salvador De vincinti 's brother works, Salvador is the dirty narcotics cop that was the shooter in the George Fleming death and Anna Smollen death on Marinay st. IN the New Orleans French Quarter.

"My wife and children were killed to get the first gun ban and Dewayne Parker was the patsy"

The day i got married on my way to eat at pancakes.

This is my family that were killed by N.O.P.D for my uncles and their drug connections in New Orleans, who used the canal system behind the N.A.S.A. in New Orleans Michoud facility to move large amounts of drugs into the city from the ST.Bernard ship yard where Salvador de vinciti's brother works .He was the killer that got George and Anna and the kids and her new boy friend Dewayne Parker, who never ever owned or had money to by a gun and the cocaine addicted witnesses arn't going to tell but what their told to say just like in Carlene Fleming's case the witnesses were involved with the mafia and coke coming from St.Bernard, where walter palmisano lived lived before moving to the French Quarter .

These are my wife's birth records for my children who were killed and shot in different events controlled by my family and their drug connections to the New World Order's rise to power, through molestation and murder. This act of violence against me and my dad is what gave you the first gun ban .

Below is a copy of my daughter's birth certificate from wales where she was born and i worked for a very short time at company's house as a security guard for a few weeks,my shoes were to tight and i hated being called a yank all the time.

Above is my divorce and child custody court papers after the people behind the shuttle accident had a girl who they beat for ratting on a mafia drug dealer for x-tacy ,break up my marriage and get my wife off out of my protection so they could kill her and the kids. The girls name was Terry Peyroux she comes from a line of freemassons out of New York.

All the witnesses are connected to the St.Bernard mafia and so are the cops

many who use to take trips to the Bahamas and ware Armani suits,as they were

the strong arm of the New Orleans mafia and helped distribute the drugs with

help from friends and family ,whom they also used to help set up Carlene Fleming

to stop her father from investigating or finding out about the drugs coming in to the city

behind NASA 's Michoud facility canals used by NASA to bring in parts and the shuttle

tanks , like the one they just moved to California . I believe maybe it is damaged too

but we need to bust the weld to see if Ricky Coronia cut that o-ring also.

You can look up on leagle .com the state v.s. Fleming and this is where the man Harry Connick and his drug dealing child killing and raping friends set my sister up for murder after killing her husband with the same cops that later killed my wife for this forming New World Order. Harry Connick Sr. was rewarded with his sons fame for his crimes against children and his country.This murder would stop my fathers investigation attempts to look in to the shuttle disaster.And this event would change the course of an entire city and the world for the worse.Each event they pull gets them closer to your grave and them to your finances and health.Our cops are selling drugs ,beating their wife's,having sex with children and are protecting the kabal that is killing this country all oblivious to the death that will take them after we are all neutered and our faith destroyed.

the witnesses blacked out are: Bryant D Antoni

Steedie Ubas

Patrica Gore

Darjean Gore

Kendal Green

Chris Enos

Thomas Peck

Stan Maraldo

Jason La France

 all are connected through St,Bernard parish and the Drugs they smuggled in

behind NASA . they can also be connected on facebook where you can see what kind of folks i'm talking about. Use white pages look up to get their geo history of where they lived ,you will be surprised. oh these assholes also pulled 9/11 to get over Global drug gealing and they needed to move contraband freely with out getting caught.In an effort to bring about an New World Order

That will ultimately get all of us killed in the end ,handing over this country to a invasion that is already occurring from South America with the help of mafia cartel backed political operatives and the local cops imposing and using the law as a loop hole to commit murder and justify their insane violent action toward an other wise calm public who is tired of watching Government mafia style tactics against the public,going so far as to use IRS , BANK OF AMERICA ,FBI AND MANY OTHER BRANCHES WHO ALL HAVE TIES TO THE COCAINE INDUSTRY ,AND WANT ALL AMERICANS A THREAT TO THEIR RISE DEAD OF JAILED OR INSTITUTIONALIZATION AS YOU JUST REALIZED YOU HAVE BEEN SCREWED


The man that the say killed my wife had no guns or money to buy guns he was black and a patsy for my families murder of my wife and her children. Buddy Newman and my uncles couldn't have me breeding, IT was a threat to their purity and what my uncles want his children above me and my loved ones as my wife was not white but India and welsh made. this drove my ignorant child raping drug dealing clan backed uncles to murder every in law and punish all those related who crossed the white cocaine backed power line.For this choice that they have made the doom themselves and our country .. The witnesses to this murder are paid or scarred or both they are addicts and weirdos ,my first experienced with what is now called a crisis actor.

This is the rapist of my daughter and killer of my dad and now he's a freemason. ..HE won't even pay his own wife's bills after her death. as it was his plan to rape her and drug her just like they had me raped and drugged. Now he joins the rank of wakcos over the towns people of Vicksburg..

Ask your self what are the chances that my sister would kill her husband and then my wife would be killed by her new babies dad. impossible odds of that happening, but they didn't stop there they killed my dad with the use of Blake Pearson whom they rewarded with a top job after he helps set up my daughter and rapes her . My daughter is so strung out on cocaine provided by the sheriff and the others involved in these attacks on me and dad that she depends on Blake who was hired to kill her grand father in infiltrate my daughters life helping to set her up for murder as many other in the town have been murdered Lans snow,,sheriff deputy Cole,Furniture aries MRS. Levitz the list goes on involving adults and children and house wives that get to emotional like Wendy Sligh, or Judge Deraveux's wife. .and many others some just missing . Blake said killing my family is what made him accepted into the freemasons,and i would never be able to stop them or get him in jail cause he has the power.He admitted killing my dad to me and said he killed him with a shot of infection from another patient in to his I.V. killing him with sepsis , he could not have even develop sepsis due to the anount of antibiotics he was give before the amputation of his toe.

People that were at the murder of my daughter said how they held her down and put morphine up her rectum to kill her and then Lance Burton raped her dead body and they all went out to eat pizza and stole all her things this all done with the help of law enforcement to kill my daughter cause like all the others they kill she didn't want to be like them and nor did i. you can in the full autopsy see see put up a fight.

MY daughter wanted to get help but was barred from help. Every hospital refused her every rehab this i believe was done by their power over the mental health system left her in the wind so they could get to my daughter . I know that it was Phillip that made this possible as this is his area of control over my family , just like he helped them mess with my sister to set her up in New Orleans. This is a form my girl went and got to get some help that was held from her on purpose. Because i know of Phillips Scurria's involvement in George Fleming's.s murder

This is from the attack in New Orleans when i was 20.

This is from the first attack on me in New Orleans ,By people that worked for my uncles and the dirty cops they had in New Orleans. This is where i met Salvador De Vncinti for the first time . The cops wouldn't let me press charges and played me down because he was hired to do this to me and later to kill George Feming.. The attacks on me would get worse as they tried to kill me with hammer after forcing their way into my house in Vicksburg . I had to have 15,000 dollars worth of surgery and the doctor that saw what they had done to me left Vcksburg to get away from the sane people that just got away with attempted murder on me. He said it should have killed me,as the bones are all shattered and fused back together. just like all the murders that they do they tried covering up this attempt on my life even having a cop go in with me to the hospital telling the doctor that i was punched in the face not hit with a hammer. the evidence speaks again to their lies.

These documents above are from the hammer attack on me in Vicksburg,Ms. no one went to jail even though i know who did this more hired help by my uncle Jimmy and his drug connection,it's not hard to believe that he would sell out his country and town to two a Cartel drug dealer , a Italian drug dealer, and white drug dealing and connected politicians . To bad Albert pike's version of a new world order differs from the one the the cocaine spic has planned . first turn cops against the people by buying them and giving them and their families power with drugs over the other families ,use the political arena to gain power over the military, commit terrorist acts using the the police and agents used in the protection and distribution of cocaine globally to conduct and encourage the terror attacks to justify and confuse their agenda to fail the people they now serve drugs to and fear instead of protecting them from the very cartel that now owns them.This will at the end get all that helped to bring about this false government and the murder of millions ,as well as the destruction of the morals and duty to our families, all this ends with brother on brother to the death ,and those left will be done away with by all that lay south of the border and the army of drug dealing murders that are already here. Don't throw this country away for money, power, drugs or station. In the end all of you lose any way, don't say i didn't warn you....... the devil is not a fat Mexican with a bag of dope, or a sex fiend,nor would he care about money or station in life. He is an angel of light and wisdom not stupidity . It is you that have been fooled by magic dust . Just like the buying of land for colored beads. when the money becomes worthless because of your thieving and lies so you could have your glory and rewards today with out using the measure of your worth ,you have failed and will continue to do so covering murder with murder till you your self drown bringing our children and us with you.

They even had a girl named Larisa alisondralli kill my grandma by pumping her full of milk till she burst, also during this time they would send one of their worst officers who later had to be moved like a dirty priest to a new county for sexual things he said to a woman . any way this guy came to get me out the way so they could get back with Larisa who had been in their jail and next in all their beds . this guy came out making all kind of allegation of a woman screaming and said he was taking me to jail all this to screw and keep Larisa on cocaine and working for them as the sheriff prostitutes woman and children out to his friend s and members of his group. during this attack i tried to get away and wound up with a shattered ankle .

This is my father when he was born in 1935 riding in his goat cart.

This is my Dad and Dr. Teller father of the H-Bomb

My dad's resume and awards

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